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Hi there, thanks for visiting my website! You will find here a bit of information about myself and what I can offer you.


At the beginning a few words about myself. My name is Karol and I am a programmer with couple of years of experience. My journey with programming started in 2015. Back then I was working at an IT company, but not as a programmer. The name of my position seemed a bit sophisticated - New Business Specialist, while in fact, it was simply a business developer job. Main responsibilities were contact with client base and researching the market for new business collaboration opportunities. I was working on the postion for about a year, until 2016, when I finally decided to become a programmer. I said to myself , why not, I have a scientific mind after all and I love solving puzzles. Beyond that, I graduated from a technical university with master degree.

As you can imagine, in reality, it did not turn out to be as easy as I anticipated. Nevertheless, after loads of hours spent on courses, books (including PDFs) and tormenting more experienced colleagues, I finally reached the first level and became junior programmer. I started with C# and have used it ever since (with some breaks). My career has been progressing rather typically, starting as a junior, working on internal projects etc. Later on commercial projects for foreign customers and that is when I felt like real programming has kicked in and I had to revision my skills.

Throughout my career I have met a lot of experienced people, not only programmers. I was soaking up knowledge, often learning on my mistakes and so I developed myslef step by step in the next projects/companies. Working in one of my recent projects sparked my interest in visual layer, frontend, because I have worked mostly on the backend side of applications before. Now it has been almost 2 years I code in javascript, html and css and I really love it. I hope this website prooves that I have some knowledge in this area.

I plan to further improve and launch a blog some time in the future, which could be accessible from this website. The blog would contain content, not only about programming, but all kinds of different stuff. So please stay tuned and revisit from time to time. Below I present to you levels of my experience in some programming languages I have used so far.

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Be present online. I can help you build a website, which will become showcase of your company. My competence is programming. Therefore, I can lead you through technical depths of creating website. It can be just a consultation, assistance in polishing existing website or buidling it from ground up. Thanks to cooperation with advertisement company I can also offer you a variety of marketing services including SEO. If you have any questions about the details, I will be glad to answer them. So please do not hesitate, fill out the contact form and await the feedback.


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